Navigating the Property Damage Claims Process Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

One of the aspects I love most about being a personal injury attorney is helping my clients on a global scale, and that sometimes includes stepping into the property damage arena. Although we are typically retained to represent claimants in bodily injury claims, it is imperative that an attorney also be knowledgeable and willing to assist with resolution of a claimant’s property damage, as needed.

Recently, I had a client in desperate need of assistance moving her property damage claim to conclusion. Her vehicle was totaled, she only had her rental car for approximately 30 days (pursuant to her policy), and she retained our services on the 23rd day. She had no idea on the status of the investigation/evaluation, and did not know what to do. Within 2 days after my involvement, the vehicle was declared a “total loss”, a total loss adjuster was assigned, and I was informed of the total loss (i.e. check amount) that would be remitted to my client. Not only was my client grateful for my efforts, which I assisted with at no charge, but we were then able to focus on her personal injury claim.

While it is true that many property damage claims resolve without attorney intervention, it is my strong belief that an attorney should intervene when necessary to bring relief and comfort to clients who undoubtedly need guidance and help. This is one of the many ways we, as attorneys, can service our clients and have a positive impact on their attorney experience.

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