4 Things You Should Do Immediately After an Auto Accident

If you have been involved in an auto accident, it is essential that you take very specific steps in the immediate hours and days after your accident. The right strategy will help you prove your role as a victim and give you stronger chances of being awarded significant financial compensation as a result. Here are four things you should be sure to do.

Collect Evidence

Of course, the very first steps to take after a car accident involve stopping to make sure everybody is safe, calling the police, and seeking medical attention if needed. The next most important step is to collect as much evidence as possible. Take pictures of the scene, collect written or verbal statements from witnesses, keep all of your medical records, and anything that is pertinent. This due diligence will help you prove that you were indeed a victim of someone else’s negligence. Your personal injury attorney will be able to use your evidence to push for a larger compensation settlement for you.

Find a Personal Injury Attorney

Getting the money that you deserve from an insurance company isn’t always easy. Insurance companies have a vested interest in making minimum payments to keep as much in their coffers as possible. It is wise to choose a personal injury attorney like Smith, Gaskill & Shenkman, P.A in North Palm Beach to advocate for your compensation.

Bring Along the Right Documents

During this initial consultation, there are a few critical documents that will help your attorney properly evaluate your case. If possible, bring the following:

  • Vehicle Insurance Declaration Page
  • Photographs of the accident
  • The Driver Exchange and/or Police Report
  • Any contact information from any insurance adjuster/company that has contacted you since the accident
  • Your Driver’s License
  • Your private health card (if applicable)

Direct All Insurance Inquiries To Your Personal Injury Attorney

You should not speak with any person from the Defendant’s insurance company. At the proper time, you may give an informal statement to the Defendant’s insurance company, with your lawyer present; however, it is critical to first consult with and retain a car accident lawyer to properly preserve and protect your legal rights.

If you have been in an accident and need to collect compensation for your injuries, call (561) 622-2700 for a free case evaluation with SGS Attorneys at Law in North Palm Beach, Florida.

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